GitHub on the hunt for a new diversity lead | Developers

GitHub is still searching for someone to head up its diversity efforts, three months after social impact VP Nicole Sanchez resigned.

“We’ve got searches going for that position,” chief strategy officer Julio Avalos told Techworld.

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© GitHub

The person hired will be responsible for internal diversity and inclusion efforts, he explained.

The company has a Code of Conduct and a seven-strong ‘community and safety’ team, both of which are aimed at ensuring the platform is as inclusive as possible for developers who use it.

However Avalos admitted that the software development sector “100 percent” has an image problem.

“Tech requires something of a Promethean effort. It is like bringing fire. There’s some vestigal thing in the industry, we’re keeping the fire to ourselves in some way. There’s an elitism that needs to be broken up and democratised,” he said.

GitHub, a code repository used by developers launched a decade ago, held its annual ‘GitHub Universe’ conference this week.

The company announced several new features to its platform, including:

  • A new feature that alerts developers if their code includes security vulnerabilities and suggests a fix where one is available. 
  • A new ‘dependency graph’ which shows developers all of the packages and applications they are connected to, plus all projects their code depends on and vice versa.
  • An updated news feed which includes recommendations for open source projects to explore, based on the people you follow, repositories you star and what’s popular on GitHub.

GitHub also announced the latest statistics for its platform, which show it is used by 24 million people across 200 countries. The most popular programming languages on GitHub are Javascript, Java and Python, in that order.

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