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Esmond Forde


My vision for Tunapuna is that the growth and development achieved under PNM administrations can be solidified into recognition as a Borough. Much of Tunapuna’s advancement has been achieved under PNM administrations which have always been more attuned and responsive to the needs of our vibrant and diverse community.

As a borough, Tunapuna can leverage such a status to enhance the governance of our community which has as many attributes and the potential to contribute even more to the national economy as other established boroughs:

• An education hub for all of Trinidad and Tobago

• A centre of excellence for steelband culture and education

• A centre for medical services, training and tourism

• A centre of commerce, light manufacturing and agriculture

• A centre for sport and recreation

My vision is for a return to growth and with it, jobs for the youth and prosperity for the community at large. More than anything else, my vision is that the parents, religious and community leaders will come together to lead a return to family values, ethics in all our undertakings and strong community bonds that uplift the weak and the disadvantaged.


Esmond I Forde is Tunapuna’s choice to become the next Member of Parliament. Outstanding service as an elected Councillor for the Auzonville/Tunapuna region since 2010 has placed him in an elite group of PNM representatives who have risen to represent their constituencies by building from the ground.

Tunapuna-born and bred, and resident in the community, Esmond received his primary education at the Tunapuna Anglican School and subsequently attended Hillview College and the St. Augustine Secondary School. He later earned a Certificate in Mass Media and Communications from the UWI School of Continuing Studies and a Certificate in Marketing and Public Relations from the LCCI.

His working career began in 1983 with the National Insurance Board where he held several positions, including that of Public Relations Officer – Education and Publicity. From 1995 he held a number of management positions at Automotive Components Ltd. and up until 2003 was Manager of the Services Division. In April of 2013 he resigned his position as Export Sales Executive, Lensyl Products Ltd., a post he had held since 2010. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Telecommunications Authority and the Eastern Credit Union.

Esmond Forde has been a member of the executive of the Tunapuna Constituency and an active member of the Party Group in his area for several years. He was drawn to service as a Councillor because of his love of people, sports and interest in the development of his home community. He currently serves as Chairman of the Men’s Ministry of the Reformation Life Centre Full Gospel Church and serves on the executive of the Tunapuna Evangelical Association of Ministers (T.E.A.M). He was President of the Tacarigua Presbyterian School PTA from 1998 to 2002 and President and member of the Parent Support Group of Bishop’s Anstey and Trinity College East from 2003 to 2007. He is also an Honorary Member of two major sporting groups in Tunapuna and is active in community social work.


Under the banner “onBOARD with Forde… Esmond serves ALL”, Esmond Forde is seeking to translate a highly effective five (5) year period of service as a local government Councillor and Vice-Chairman of the T.P.R.C. into even stronger representation as the Member of Parliament. Described by constituents as ‘engaging’, ‘reliable’, ‘modest’, ‘earnest’ and ‘energetic’, Esmond has demonstrated over the past years a commitment that has earned him the respect of the entire community.

Highly visible and hard working, he can be expected to bring to all of the Tunapuna Constituency the level of service experienced by his Auzonville/Tunapuna burgesses. He has taken to the streets of the communities under his charge to bring active representation home. Among his achievements during his tenure as a councillor he lists:

 Securing employment for burgesses

 Counselling in domestic and neighbourhood disputes

 The distribution of book grants sponsored by Mohammed Bookstores and the Kiwanis Club of St. Augustine

 The provision of support to persons with disabilities

 Social assistance to families, sports clubs, homes for the aged and the Child Welfare League

 Training for burgesses in first aid and disaster preparedness

 Support for burgesses at times of natural disasters i.e. flooding

 Improved drainage and road infrastructure refurbishment

 Repairs to leaking pipelines and the provision of water services

 Improvements to road safety via new traffic regulations, road safety devices and signage

Elected as the representative for Tunapuna, Esmond plans to continue his drive to make Tunapuna a model community where improved training and employment opportunities for young persons will empower them to choose positive pathways for self fulfilment, personal safety, equal opportunity for early childhood education and quality primary education will be a priority.

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