Einstein’s Greatest Mistake

In 2013 the European Space Agency’s Planck Observatory mapped the existence of the oldest light in the universe, revealing that it was indisputably asymmetrical in nature. Therefore all the dynamics of the physical and living universe that followed are governed by the properties of asymmetrical light. Albert Einstein was not aware of this but Louis Pasteur was well aware of it.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America in 1996 endorsed the role of symmetry governing fundamental physics by publishing the statement “Einstein’s great advance in 1905 was to put symmetry first, to regard the symmetry principle as the primary feature of nature that constrains the allowable dynamical laws”

In 1885 Pasteur wrote “Life, as manifested to us is a function of the asymmetry of the universe and of the consequences it produces. The universe is asymmetrical… Even the movement of solar light is asymmetrical”.

The co-founder of the American National Cancer Research Foundation, the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyiorgyi, pointed out in his 1972 ‘Letter to Science’, that Einstein’s worldview was preventing the discovery of a cure for cancer. It is not difficult to show why Einstein’s mathematics can be held responsible for that chaotic problem.

The philosopher Plato’s mathematical world view was based upon the existence of non-material geometrical thought form ideas belonging to the magnetic properties of lodestone. This electromagnetic concept was given asymmetrical electromagnetic properties by the philosophers of science, Immanuel Kant and Emmanuel Levinas. Szent-Gyorgyi considered that the thought-forms interacted with the environment to evolve the dynamics of universal consciousness, not the carcinogenic chaos of extinction belonging to Einstein’s worldview.

Plato’s idea that “All is Geometry” applied to his electromagnetic thought forms. The idea of a point, represented by a dot, is the origin of all geometric formation. When a point thought form generated by the mind occurs it would immediately be acted upon by the electromagnetic environment in accordance with known physical laws. However, according to Einstein’s mathematics, a point has no width, length or depth and as such cannot possibly interact with the environment. Therefore all of Einstein’s mathematics cannot relate to the natural environment and is completely divorced from the living process, which can only lead to unnatural carcinogenic outcomes.

Einstein can be considered to be a compassionate person but as a tribal scientists he was obliged to obey the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ dogma in which the rule of the Second Law of Thermodynamics demands the ultimate extinction of all life in the universe. The 1979 UNESCO proclamation that all humanity belongs to a single species would argue that a species deliberately harming itself can be described as suffering from a carcinogenic mental disorder. A condition that is maintained by the Einsteinian dogma that continues to dominate modern science and can be held responsible for the global pandemic of dysfunctional information that threatens to become a self-fulfilling prophecy of civilization’s downfall.

Source by Robert Pope