Education Ministry continues to make education accessible

The Min­istry of Ed­u­ca­tion says it con­tin­ues to en­gage all ed­u­ca­tion stake­hold­er to en­sure that it can con­tin­ue to de­liv­er a prop­er ed­u­ca­tion to all stu­dents in the ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem.

In a news re­lease, the min­istry says its School Learn­ing Man­age­ment Sys­tem (SLMS) has en­sured that stu­dents con­tin­ue to re­ceive an ed­u­ca­tion, with teach­ers fa­cil­i­tat­ing the vir­tu­al class­room ses­sions.

And the min­istry is en­cour­ag­ing stu­dents, teach­ers and par­ents to con­tin­ue us­ing the re­sources at the SLMS web­site,

In the re­lease, Ed­u­ca­tion Min­is­ter An­tho­ny Gar­cia com­mends teach­ers and par­ents who have been work­ing to en­sure ed­u­ca­tion­al con­ti­nu­ity for the na­tion’s chil­dren.

The full text of the Ed­u­ca­tion Min­istry’s state­ment, fol­lows…


As stake­hold­ers in ed­u­ca­tion con­tin­ue to be im­pact­ed by the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic the Min­istry of Ed­u­ca­tion takes this op­por­tu­ni­ty to en­cour­age cit­i­zens to con­tin­ue to ac­cess the ser­vices and re­sources made avail­able at this time. The Min­istry’s School Learn­ing Man­age­ment Sys­tem (SLMS) con­tin­ues to bring ed­u­ca­tion in­to the homes of cit­i­zens with teach­ers fa­cil­i­tat­ing class­es and the con­ti­nu­ity of learn­ing for stu­dents who may not be­long to their schools or class­es. Stu­dents, par­ents and teach­ers have con­tin­ued to ac­cess and ben­e­fit from this re­source as the Min­istry en­gages rep­re­sen­ta­tive or­gan­i­sa­tions to cre­ate rel­e­vant and nec­es­sary pol­i­cy.

The Min­istry is al­so cog­nizant of ques­tions cur­rent­ly in the pub­lic do­main sur­round­ing the re­open­ing of schools, ex­am­i­na­tions, ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty and con­nec­tiv­i­ty. At this time the Min­istry, through the Cab­i­net of Trinidad and To­ba­go, is prepar­ing a com­pre­hen­sive po­si­tion that will bring clar­i­ty and an­swers to all these ques­tions for the cit­i­zens of this coun­try.

Min­is­ter of Ed­u­ca­tion the Ho­n­ourable An­tho­ny Gar­cia con­tin­ues to ex­press his thanks to teach­ers and par­ents who have been sup­port­ing ed­u­ca­tion­al con­ti­nu­ity at this time. The Min­is­ter said:

“It has not been easy for any in­di­vid­ual or coun­try at this time to keep ed­u­ca­tion ef­fec­tive­ly run­ning and man­aged. I must say a spe­cial thank you to the par­ents and teach­ers who have stepped up dur­ing this cri­sis to en­sure that our stu­dents are not dis­ad­van­taged. The Min­istry con­tin­ues to eval­u­ate, as­sess and im­ple­ment as nec­es­sary to the ben­e­fit of all stu­dents across the coun­try.”

Cit­i­zens are en­cour­aged to stay up to date with the work of the Min­istry and any an­nounce­ments and re­sources through our dig­i­tal me­dia plat­forms at:

* (School Learn­ing Man­age­ment Sys­tem web­site)

*­ (Min­istry’s of­fi­cial vir­tu­al meet­ings web­site)

* (Min­istry’s of­fi­cial web­site)

*  www.face­­duTT/  (Min­istry’s Face­book page)

The Min­istry is fo­cused on en­gag­ing stake­hold­ers pos­i­tive­ly and ef­fec­tive­ly dur­ing this time while ad­her­ing to the guide­lines of the Min­istry of Health.

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