Court to decide on Devant the ‘journalist’

How does Devant Maharaj not qualify as a journalist ?

I trying to understand something here Senior Counsel Reginald Armour, who led the case for the State said the communications ministry was not being sinister in refusing to allow Maharaj access to the conferences.

He said Maharaj “has not passed the threshold” in establishing that he is a journalist.

“He has not gotten past that first threshold that he is part of the media as far as what we understand a member of the media to be,” said Armour.

Is Reginald Armour unaware of the judgement handed down by Justice Frank Seepersad in relation to social media postings.

A landmark precedent was set by High Court Judge Frank Seepersad who, in an 18-page judgement, he ruled that a couple which was falsely accused of sexually abusing their children in a series of Facebook posts, would receive damages.

Currently No written legislation governs the use of social media in T&T.

However, Justice Seepersad in that case said; “Social media ought not to be viewed as an unregulated media forum and anyone who elects to express views or opinions on such a forum stands in the shoes of a journalist and must be subjected to the standards of responsible journalism which govern traditional media” .


Court to decide on Devant the ‘journalist’

BY the end of this coming week, Devant Maharaj, a former government minister under the United National Congress (UNC), will know whether he was successful in a claim against Communications