Coronavirus pandemic: Updates from around the world

The US has seen 66,000 more deaths so far this year than expected, a possible sign of the coronavirus’ impact, according to new estimates published Wednesday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The estimates of what the CDC calls “excess deaths” can give a clearer picture of how many additional people may be dying overall and how many may be dying because of Covid-19.

These numbers can also capture those who didn’t have the illness, but were indirectly impacted by the pandemic — for example, people who died at home because they didn’t go to the hospital or the people who couldn’t get treatment because the hospital system was overwhelmed.

How they calculated it: The CDC compared historic trends to the number of deaths observed for this year. Weekly counts of deaths from all causes were included, as well as the number of people who died from Covid-19.

Breakdown by state: Places that were coronavirus hot spots saw the highest excess deaths.

For New York City, there were 17,152 excess deaths. For New York state, it was 10,044. For New Jersey, it was 7,819. Pennsylvania saw 7,319. In Michigan it was 3,334 and Illinois it was 1,802.

Why this matters: Tracking these figures can give a truer sense of the death count from Covid-19. Official Covid-19 death tolls can be inaccurate or misleading: Sometimes Covid-19 won’t be mentioned on a death certificate or a death could be misclassified. 


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