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Police ­Commissioner Gary Griffith yesterday fired back at Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley as well as Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal, who commented on the decision by the police to close two major investigations.

Griffith is standing by the Police Service’s decision to close the two probes.

The Service on Wednesday announced the closure of the investigation into allegations that foreign data mining company ­Cambridge Analytica illegally accessed the private information of citizens of T&T with the blessings of the United ­National Congress.

Police also closed the investigation into Moonilal’s claim that Rowley was linked to a Miami bank account used to hold money linked to South Trinidad company A&V Drilling.

Following the closure of the Cambridge Analytica case, Rowley posted on Facebook: “I presume that the authorities in the British Parliament and the US Congress are delirious and the Trinidad mentioned in all these proceedings is not a real place but a location in a movie on Netflix and all the subject of someone’s imagination. This is my Cambridge Analytica comment on the closure, in Trinidad, its birthplace, as it remains wide open and troubling in England and America.”

Griffith responded to Rowley, stating: “They have to be delirious. Because up to now, the same US Congress and UK Parliament cannot provide one piece of evidence to show that this took place. I work on facts and evidence. Not comments by persons in any Parliament.”

Don’t interfere

with police

Griffith also issued a release noting Moonilal’s comment that the investigation into a so-called wire transfer transaction is far from over. He stated no politician has the authority to direct the police as to what investigation is to be conducted, as he reiterated the case was closed.

“Financial transactions include wire transfers. When a search is done with respect to financial transactions, it takes into account all transactions. Wire transfers carry both the originator and beneficiary’s account infor­mation.

“Once a transfer hits an account, it will show the originator’s account information. So to say one was only looking at bank accounts and not wire transfers is incomprehensible because the transfer has to hit an account,” he stated.

Griffith stated if Moonilal has evidence not discovered by the T&T and US financial investigative units, he is advised to bring it forward.

He stressed that at this time, “there is not a shred of evidence brought by anyone to justify the claim”.

And in a telephone interview with the Express, Griffith said the Service remains independent. “The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is not here to please any politi­cal fanatic or politician on any side,” he said.

Griffith said the Police Service cannot investigate a matter or deem that a crime has taken place based on verbal statements made by politicians inside Parliament locally or internationally.

“As the Commissioner of Police, I’m certainly not here to win friends or to make decisions based on popularity. We will make decisions based on facts, evidence. And if the findings do not please persons, that is really not our business,” he said.

Griffith, however, added that any of these cases can easily be re-opened if new ­information is forthcoming.

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