Coarse Fishing Tackle Review: The FTD ISIS 4000 Fishing Reel

All of us coarse fishermen are really a breed apart. Rather than focus our efforts on stalking fish like trout and salmon, we have wider-ranging tastes. Whether it is tench, barbel, bream, pike,perch, dace or one of the other fish species incorrectly thought to be “coarse,” coarse anglers want their tackle to be just as functional as it can be. Fishing reels, specifically, are key pieces of coarse fishing tackle. Every single coarse angler wants to have 2 or 3 stored away in his tackle box, available at a moment’s notice. A specific reel I’m partial to is the FTS ISIS 4000. Read on to learn precisely why I appreciate it so very much.

Essential Features of the FTS ISIS 4000 Fishing Reel

If you’re anything at all like me, you want to keep things clean and basic. That means your fishing gear ought to be as accommodating as is feasible. The FTS ISIS 4000 reel is perfect for pretty much any coarse fishing locale or situation, and has enough sturdiness and power to deal with minimal sea fishing. One of the first factors I discovered regarding this reel is the fact that it possesses a fine quality appearance and feel. It is a feature-rich reel for the cost, which is well less than £25.00. It has 4 ball bearings plus a 5.2:1 gear ratio, rear drag and anti-reverse. The handle changes over effortlessly for a left- or right-handed fisherman, and the reel comes with a fixed aluminium spool. The simple design signifies the reel is not hard to operate, which makes it great for even the youngest fisherman.

More Details On the FTD ISIS 4000 Reel

One characteristic of the fishing reel that pleased me is that the rotor assembly is computer-designed. The spool has excellent capacity and can hold 200m of 0.31mm line, 240m of 0.285mm line, and 290m of 0.26mm line. The ISIS 4000 weighs in at 500g. This fishing reel was designed to be efficient, and will come boxed, along with a cloth storage bag. Constructed to be really long-lasting, the reel features an attractive silver-coloured finish. I have found the ISIS 4000 to be remarkably steady when it is winding in either direction. The line winds really evenly too. The handle has a rubberised finish rendering it easy to grasp and hang on to. The 5.2:1 retrieve ratio helps to make the reel quite robust for even larger, strong-fighting fish such as pike. These different features work together to give the FTD ISIS 4000 superior casting correctness.

What Anglers Say About the ISIS 4000

Similar to other FTD reels, the ISIS 4000 is simple and easy to employ, a feature which is not lost on many coarse fishermen. Here’s what one of my friends in London thought about this fishing reel:

“Straight from the box the FTD Isis reel looks and feels robust and solidly made. Given the relatively modest price, I was not expecting such a well engineered and finished reel, but it really is even better than it looks in the photos.”

Need I say more? The FTD ISIS 4000 is a well built, top quality reel that merits a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Do be sure to give it a very serious look.

Source by Tommy Lee Jones