Climate Science Budget Of NASA Shows Its Bureaucratic Bloated Budget Battle Challenges

The new Trump Administration and the Republicans in the US Congress are concerned with the runaway spending of NASA’s climate science division, and to be quite frank, so am I. Many believe that Earth Sciences are one of NASA’s most important endeavors, however most Americans see NASA as synonymous with human space flight. Reality is that NASA has been instrumental in aeronautics, material science, ocean research and Earth science, and more recently climate science which has a $2 Billion annual budget, nearly 10% of NASA’s total annual budget, this has law makers up-in-arms.

Whereas there are important questions to be answered about our atmosphere on the home planet, still, I don’t see that all that importance to NASA’s main focus – the space mission. Recently, I learned of a NASA research project which surveyed air-samplings in the atmosphere (troposphere) from a volcano in HI. But, think about it, we don’t launch space vehicles from Hawaiian Islands punching through the troposphere there. Just like we aren’t launching rockets on the top of the hill in Ecuador where there are volcanoes, but if we did, we’d still get a large advantage in efficiency, nearly 15%. Maybe we need a trade deal with Ecuador, but I digress.

The Troposphere isn’t really space. We already divert aircraft around volcanic activity. We already have lots of research on volcanic activity and particulate in the atmosphere. Sure we can all think of many applications and questions to be learned from this data. Just as we can study the rocket fuel emissions in the troposphere near our US launch sites if we are worried about that. Yes, if we really care we can fly this NASA DC-8 flying laboratory on normal airline routes and slightly off of them to see mankind’s emissions.

We can track particulate from the heavier material to see how long it stays aloft as each volcano and source has a specific signature. Yes, we could do a lot of research. However, apparently, the amount of particulate in from volcanic activity in upper atmosphere supposedly isn’t a question to climate change because the academic elite have already “Proved” (or so they claim) that it is driven by human emissions of CO2, so that funding that volcanoes also contribute isn’t needed. Climate Scientists cannot have it both ways – either the claim that it’s primarily driven by man is an absolute or it’s not. If it isn’t an absolute then we need to STOP trashing skeptics, and if it is true as currently claimed then it needs no more funding.

Now that the data has been collected, I am sure it will be used to promote more regulations on airline emissions for the global warming agenda, but not be used to diminish the ridiculous claim that catastrophic warming is being caused by CO2 emissions from human activity. It’s a set up. Even the explainer of this NASA climate science project in a video told us about how mankind also contributed greatly to the same gases.

Let’s not pretend that these experiments are anything less than cashing in on the global warming research cash-cow money train and this NASA atmospheric research is yet another attempt to prove how important it is to reduce human put forth greenhouse gases to save the planet – Yippie Skippy, we want an ice age instead of warming? NASA is being used and funded for a global political socialist agenda which is counter to the best interests of our nation’s future. That’s hardly why the taxpayers believe in NASA. We want NASA because it represents American Greatness and human space flight – it’s time for NASA to focus on that.

Source by Lance Winslow