Clean Cosmeceutical Skincare : CLEANFORMANCE

Babor’s newly launched CLEANFORMANCE collection goes after a younger demographic that’s passionate about making conscious, well-informed purchases that are clean, safe and effective. The brand identified an opportunity to create a clean, high-performance range for Gen Z and Millenial consumers that’s also simple. In the nine-piece product line, there are two multifunctional cleansers, a pair of serums, three moisturizers, an eye cream and a sleeping mask, which can be used together to create a harmonious routine.

Tim Waller, CEO of Babor North America, describes that “Millennial and Gen Z consumers want strong, energized, healthy looking skin that glows but they also want to buy consciously and be well informed about every aspect of the products they use. They are actively looking for formulations that are safe, clean and effective.”

Image Credit: Babor

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