Chaos Webinar Series : chaos webinar series

On May 19th, 2020, Trend Hunter’s CEO Jeremy Gutsche will kick off a 5-part chaos webinar series. The COVID-19 era has impacted seemingly every industry, and with so much uncertainty it’s hard to know what to do next. This webinar series is designed to offer guidance to both individuals and businesses who are struggling to adapt to the chaos of our rapidly changing world.

Jeremy solidified his reputation as a chaos expert in 2008 with the publication of his debut book, Exploiting Chaos. He recently revisited the book’s themes of disruptive thinking and methodical innovation in a new double-sided book, Create the Future + The Innovation Handbook, which features a signature framework that will act as the webinars’ foundation. 

Click HERE to register for the first webinar in the series, Ability to Change in Chaos, and click HERE to browse upcoming sessions.

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