Bushfire, large tree cause dip in electricity supply in some areas

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission says two disturbances on their transmission network this morning were responsible for the dip in electricity which some customers experienced.

In a statement, Annabelle Brasnell, Communications Manager for T&TEC, explained to Loop that the disturbances caused transient interruptions on the Distribution network (lower voltages) in various parts of Trinidad including east, central and north, at approximately 10.30 am and 11.30 am.

“In both instances, the built-in redundancy on the system operated as designed and customers saw a dip in electricity, rather than an interruption. The disturbances were triggered by a bushfire in one instance and a large tree in the other,” Brasnell said.

“I should note that part of our Covid-19 preparation plan included the temporary suspension of planned maintenance works to ensure that customers continue to receive a reliable supply of electricity. However, emergencies and unplanned incidents do occur and, where possible, if we are able to advise customers before responding to an emergency  we will, but such unplanned interruptions are treated urgently to minimise disruption to customers.”


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