Branded Beauty Filters : beauty filter

With people sheltering at home and using video chat tools for face-to-face communication with others, people are having fun with apps and software programs that allow them to add their own virtual backgrounds, play with special effects or enhance their features with a beauty filter. In partnership with Snap Camera, L’Oréal created eight branded lenses for brands like Garnier, Lancôme, L’Oréal Paris and Maybelline, each of which gives users the power to instantly try on different looks. As these brands offer everything from hair colors to skincare and makeup, each lens offers a different way to experience the essence of a brand and its offerings.

As Gretchen Seagh-Fleming, L’Oréal USA’s CMO says, “Offering the first beauty lenses for Snap Camera means we can provide our consumers with a new and engaging way to experience our products and brands, and a no-fuss addition to their at-home beauty routine at the ready for their next video chat.”

Image Credit: Snap Inc.

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