Bioterrorism Grants – Keeping Americans as Safe as Possible

Recent global events have made us more aware than ever of international terrorist threat. There have been a terrifying amount of attacks in a large scale and terrorism against America is more sinister than ever. Countermeasures exist, such as those used to counter hostage taking or bombing, but terrorists are now employing devious and subtle tactics such as biologically harmful agents, which pose an enormous threat. These threats, along with their radical beliefs puts much of the world in a danger that has never before been experienced.

The United States government has started a program giving research grants to a variety of private companies, so they can find countermeasures against these destructive biological weapons. This is to help defend against terrorism and especially bioterrorism. Ideally, the government wants a countermeasure for every new biological or environmental threat, for the sake of self-defense and to counter those who terrorize the country.

The estimated budged being allocated for anti-terrorism grants is more than eleven billion dollars. A number of companies have already won these anti-terrorism grants and more firms are entering the field to apply for such a grant. These companies want to find solutions for what is quickly growing into an extremely serious national threat. Each of these firms has its own strengths, knowledge and ideas of how to tackle the problem of bioterrorism. It is these strengths, coupled with the governments backing, that will help in eliminating these threats. There are have been many projects that have already been improved. Many antidotes have been created to counteract any toxins that the population may be exposed to. The are able to counteract the toxins at even a near-fatal exposure level.

There has been other research, including research into waterborne and airborne neutralizing agents. The purpose of these is to counteract biologically engineered viruses which might be introduced to the atmosphere or to a city’s water supply. These kinds of countermeasures are intended to stem the virus before it can affect people, rather than treat people already inflicted by it. Treating the cause is often better than treating the end results.

Another kind of countermeasure which is being developed is the creation of a medicine to strengthen the recipient’s immune system, increasing the chances of being able to neutralize or resist a harmful virus. This countermeasure is not just useful against the threat of bioterrorism, but good against disease and sickness in the population in general.

The government is also awarding grants to international private investigators and law companies to attempt to pinpoint the physical whereabouts of the terrorists and the storage and manufacturing facilities in use to produce these biological weapons.

Source by David Pierce