Barack Obama’s Libyan Meeting (In Poetic Prose)

It is in the dead of night, they are talking in Barack’s Obama’s meeting room of what is being calling a riot! Emphases on the word ‘Riot!’

He is told he can save them…

There are cold embraces: they tell Barack if they don’t send in the Seals only forty miles away, its curtains for them, – that, Sevens will be part of the new dead!

“It’s only a riot,” he says.

“No,” a voice exclaims.

“It is a terrorist raid.”

The Innocent Muslims are crying and kissing, parading about, over the so called riot that is really a terrorist raid.

For the last time, a voice cries “Send in the Navy Seals, they want to kidnap Ambassador Stevens-!”

“It’s not a terrorist attack,” is the rebuff back.

“The Naval Seals, have volunteered to go rescue the Americans!” yells another voice.

“No, they are to stand down!”

There is no more to be said.

But more is said…

“Orders are orders,” the Seals area told.

“Why didn’t the president push the go button?” questioned a Seal.

“Its water over the dam,” explains his companion.

Obama knew within the hour Americans were under siege!

Whispers voices from afar!

The Secretary of State could have sent help… Hillary Clinton; true!

David Petraeus, CIA could have too.

But, Barack Obama we are left with, who sucked out all the last of Stevens’ breath and brought him to his rest, or is it doom!-

And then went to bed instead.

And now all we can do is sniff among the deceased.

And cry: ‘It’s water over the dam’ but some are asking:

Where, who, why, how, or, of, was, by, did, and who kicked the dead ambassador, afterword? And the cry is: the Innocent Muslims?

No: 4989/1-12-2016 by Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c. © 2016

Note and Commentary: President Obama is the worst president America has had in my lifetime-in my opinion, and I’m 68-years old. Hillary Clinton, will simply be another Obama, should she become President. I have said this before Obama was elected the first time, and I know it will be of little use saying it again, but I shall: today I read 7 out of 10 Americans have come to their senses, he is as I have portrayed him, destroying America, inch by inch. As long as people are swayed by their hearts and stomachs and not by their thinking and minds, the villains in politics will continue to get away with anything and everything! Mr. Trump is not so off has rocker as so many people think: Germany and France are feeling the results of their kindness to the Islamic immigrates, as America is. And Mexico is no exception to the laws of the land, as they’d wish to be, protesting as invaders are invaders, no more no less, they want their rights, whatever they are. Obama Care, on one hand is good, but foamy, it is wrong, and it is making the rich richer; he just doesn’t verbalize that part of it. Gun Control, is the first step to absolute control, take the guns away and thus comes the dictators. Every dictator wants to take guns away from licensed holders. The tears Obama shed for the children, too bad he didn’t shed some for the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, or for Mr. Stevens in Libya; but then perhaps he had a good tutor, Hillary, she’s a better actor than Shawn Penn.

We as Americans need to be careful who throws the cats in with the pigeons; too many politicians nowadays think all their voters are blind men don’t know their cane, and many of us are, perhaps you reading this. We are weak in Europe (Russia is taking bits and pieces out of her, and what are we doing… still trading); we are weak in China (China is taking over the South China Sea with little islands, provoking our warships, and what are we doing, still trading… ), week with Iran (they’ve just captured 10-of our sailors: how friendly can they be and we are about to sign an agreement with the devil; if they can do what they are doing, what do you think they will do with the 20-billion we will release once the agreement is signed… think America?); and we are weak with North Korea (we have just allowed them to have the H. Bomb, if I was Japan, buy a few myself).

If you think Bush was bad, this guy beat them all to hell. He gets the Nobel Peace Prize, at a whim, and keeps the wars going in Afghanistan and Iraq, for six more long years (100-billion dollar bill), then sends arms to Syria via, Libya, to fight its president. Then tells Africa he’ll help fight the terrorist if they agree to accept gay rights, a little blackmail with the Tax Payers money, is he not our servant? Or our Emperor? As far as him proclaiming to be a Christian, how can that be, when you’re against all Christian Values, like Trump has inferred: here is a President for abortion, gay rights, gay marriages, giving one billion dollars to fund establishments that are selling parts of un-born fetus’ for profit. Here is a man that says: hide your bibles to Americans serving in the Middle Eastern, soldiers fighting on his behalf, so the Arabs don’t get offended, yet they have to overlook the Qur’an, and give them air-conditioned tents. What kind of man is this, you’d think he was working on behalf of the forthcoming Anti-Christ; I hate to say that but truth be told, he is no Christian, yet he got the Christian vote, and a Doctorate from a Christian College, when another State University turned him down, saying he didn’t qualify, what does that tell you? The weakness comes from the knees of Obama, who wants America to be like every other country, mediocre; how else can Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea intimidate, in less America is weak. Ad as we all know, Mr. Obama has impeccable timing, in that he had low numbers for his second term of presidency, and all of a sudden knew were bin Laden was; my guess he knew all along and saved this ace in the hole, in his pocket. This weakness, and cutting America’s power worldwide, will only foster a quicker nightmare of an apocalypse. That is one reason on Svalbard islands in the North Pole America has a Global Seed Vault. And why in the Cheyenne Mountains in Colorado, America hides its air defense center. Well as I said in the poem “Barack Obama’s Libyan Meeting,’ its water over the dam. But let me leave you with one idiom: if you look only in on direction, your neck will become stiff. And that is perhaps how we got Barack Obama, too bad it wasn’t Mrs. Condoleezza Rice. D.L. Siluk

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.