Animated Streetwear Films : computer animated models

Streetwear and accessory brand Sprayground is launching its newest backpack collection, Miami 305, with computer-animated models that star in a short film.

While some brands were exploring the use of virtual models before the pandemic hit, computer-generated models are more relevant than ever at a time when in-person product photoshoots and campaigns can’t be carried out as usual. During a time of lockdowns and social distancing, Sprayground decided to launch its new collection in a unique way. Founder and creative director David Ben David says, “We’re continuously looking to find new ways to launch, and given the current circumstances and having to social distance, we thought, why can’t we still launch this collection?”

In the short film, Sprayground’s own 3D computer-animated models can be seen sporting the latest backpack styles on motorbikes during a police chase.

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