An Independent AmeriSciences Review

Since you have ended up here, you must be looking into the AmeriSciences business opportunity. Good for you. Too many people simply jump into something just because someone told them it was a good idea. This AmeriSciences review is here for you, and it will help you in making a decision. However, I want to be clear that I am not an AmeriSciences representative. This will allow you to read the information without having to wonder if I am trying to pitch my own MLM opportunity.


AmeriSciences is an established company in the Health and Wellness business niche. It is no secret that this is a very crowded niche. It makes sense that a multi-billion dollar business niche would attract some competition. The advantage is that people are buying a bunch of this kind of stuff, but the disadvantage is that it is hard to stand out from everyone else. Every company would like to have a USP – Unique Selling Proposition. Not all of them do. AmeriSciences just might have one. They have a partnership with NASA, and they advertise that the astronauts are using these products. Not too many people can say that.

The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas – there’s that NASA connection. The founders of the company are Barry Cocheau, Lou Gallerdo, and Steven Redman. They have several decades of successful experience in the industry. Their products have been featured on national and local news programs. The company has been in business for about 11 years, and it is solid with good management.


They market a line of nutritional products and supplements. It is a pretty full line of AmeriSciences vitamins and supplements; they call their product line “the perfect combination of nature and science”. The best known product is probably AS10. This is a healthy beverage with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is made from a fruit called Cupuacu, which they call “the Amazon rainforest’s pharmacy in a bottle”. AS10 Fusion is the same blend with additional ingredients for energy. There is also AS10 Life, which is the blend developed in partnership with NASA for the space program. The AmeriSciences AS10 line has enough science and testimonials behind it to easily be seen as quality product line.


The compensation plan has 7 ways to get paid. There is the usual assortment of bonuses and pools that come with signing new reps and maintaining a certain level of performance. There is also upfront income available, and there is a residual income provision, so there is no question of AmeriSciences being a pyramid scheme of any kind. A car bonus is available for top performers. At this writing, the website shows it as being a BMW 750. That’s a pretty serious car bonus. If you were looking for some additional credibility, the big Beemer might do it. In addition to the car, the comp plan has everything necessary to pay out a very good income.


If you are motivated by the Health and Wellness niche, the AmeriSciences business opportunity is certainly worth your consideration. It has a successful history, good products, good management, and a top compensation plan. Unfortunately, all of that is not enough to assure your success. Your ability to create your own brand, market the products, sponsor new reps, and build an effective downline team are the factors that will determine your level of success. Building your own brand is one other thing that will help you stand out. The best place to find the tools to make those things happen is in a top Attraction Marketing System. Master these skills and become successful.

Source by James Boswell