AMCHAM T&T: Early re-start helps secure jobs and continue trade

The fol­low­ing is the of­fi­cial state­ment re­leased by the Amer­i­can Cham­ber of  Com­merce of Trinidad and To­ba­go (AM­CHAM T&T), in re­sponse to the Prime Min­is­ter’s an­nounce­ment that Gov­ern­ment was mov­ing up the re-start date for sev­er­al busi­ness­es from Sat­ur­day 24th May, to Thurs­day 21st May, 2020…


The an­nounce­ments to­day ap­pear to fol­low the same prin­ci­ples enun­ci­at­ed by the Gov­ern­ment since the ini­ti­a­tion of the ‘lock­down’ pe­ri­od. We are glad to see health re­main­ing the pri­or­i­ty while ad­di­tion­al busi­ness­es can be re-opened. We ap­pre­ci­ate the ac­cep­tance of the prin­ci­ples that reg­is­tered busi­ness­es in the form of reg­is­tered taxis should be recog­nised for be­ing com­pli­ant and the tan­gi­ble ac­knowl­edge­ment that the state can find ways to di­rect­ly as­sist busi­ness­es to weath­er the cri­sis.

We en­cour­age all busi­ness­es and in­di­vid­u­als to fol­low pro­to­cols to stop the spread of the virus. We look for­ward to more test­ing in the short term in the hope that there are no fur­ther cas­es of the virus lo­cal­ly so that we can start re­build­ing the so­ci­ety and econ­o­my.

We are op­ti­mistic that busi­ness­es that can open will con­tin­ue to im­ple­ment the nec­es­sary safe­ty con­trols to con­duct busi­ness to pre­vent the spread of the virus. We have al­ready seen many com­pa­nies who were deemed es­sen­tial dur­ing the lock­down pe­ri­od adopt these new mea­sures and so we en­cour­age busi­ness­es to con­tin­ue these trends, par­tic­u­lar­ly with hy­giene pro­to­cols both for re­turn­ing staff and cus­tomers, so­cial dis­tanc­ing, and em­ploy­ee trav­el arrange­ments.

The slight­ly ear­li­er re-open­ing of ad­di­tion­al busi­ness­es will be­gin the slow process of kick-start­ing our econ­o­my by se­cur­ing jobs for em­ploy­ees, con­tin­u­ing trade, and earn­ing much need­ed for­eign ex­change. This will al­so as­sist the gov­ern­ment to con­tin­ue to pro­vide the much-need­ed re­lief mea­sures to as­sist cit­i­zens who are im­pact­ed by the on­go­ing ef­fects of COVID-19.

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