All-in-One Toner-Serums : Serum-toner hybrid

Serum-toner hybrids are becoming especially popular among people who want to streamline their skincare routines and experience a toner that’s more moisturizing than drying than traditional formulas. The Soft Serum Toner from PUREMAY sets itself apart with a potent K-beauty formula that’s infused with rose petals and a dozen hydrating plant oils.

As both treatment serums and toners are meant to be used as leave-on skincare that’s applied before moisturizer, this new wave of combination serum-toners helps to simplify the number of steps that are needed to achieve nourished skin. While there are toners that are hydrating and astringent serums, the best features of both kinds of skincare products are now coming together in forms that are easier than ever to use.

Image Credit: PUREMAY

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