All hope lost: Schoolboy drowns at Flower Pot beach |

Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) divers continued the search on Wednesday for a 17-year-old boy who is believed to have drowned at Flower Pot Beach, Pointe-a-Pierre.

Iverson Thomas, a Fifth Form pupil of Marabella North Secondary School, and a 19-year-old friend went to the beach for a swim on Tuesday morning.

Relatives said the boys were childhood friends and going to the beach was not unusual.

Thomas lived at Sunset Drive, Plaisance Park, not far from the beach.

Police said the friends were bathing in the water when Thomas got into difficulties at around 10am.

Thomas’ grandmother, Ann Fredericks, said, “My grandson started to panic and called for help. His friend tried to help. But he couldn’t do anything. He swam out and saw some fishermen and told them what happened. The fisherman said “what allyuh doing there”. The friend then ran to the gas station and called the police.”

Fredericks said by the time help arrived her grandson could not be found.

The TTCG responded and began a search for the missing teenager.

The search continued on Wednesday but by mid-afternoon he was not found.

Fredericks said her grandson visited the beach frequently as he lived closeby.

“He and this boy were very close. They would do everything together. So they would walk to the beach and walk back home. He could swim a little but they didn’t really go in too far,” she said.

Fredericks said her grandson was brilliant and wanted to work in the banking sector. He also loved Information Technology, she said.

Fredericks said her grandson lived with his father and another sibling.

“His mother is heartbroken. Since we got the news we came here to the beach and we are still here looking out to see if we can find him,” she said.

Marabella Police visited the scene and are continuing investigations.

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