All-Ages Bodysuit Campaigns : bodysuit collection

Inamorata Women, a brand of body-conscious essentials by model, actress and designer Emily Ratajkowski, recently launched a bodysuit collection with pieces that promise to bolster any woman’s wardrobe. In the words of Ratajkowski, “Women can spend their whole lives in a bodysuit… They really are for all women, of every age.”

To share her brand’s new bodysuit collection and show that the styles can truly be sported by all, Ratajkowski gathered a diverse group of women—and one two-year-old—to show off Inamorata Women’s versatile bodysuits. In all, there are six bodysuits that are shown on women of all shapes, sizes, ages and body types. Some of the women who can be seen sporting the brand’s chic bodysuits include model Ebonee Davis, and actress and HIV/AIDs activist Judith Light.

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