Abdul Haq Wasiq: A Short Biography of One of the Taliban Five

ALIASES: Abdul Haq Wasiq, Abu Abdullah, Mullah Waziq, Wasiq Sahib

DOB: 1971, Ghazni, Afghanistan

Citizenship: Afghanistan, Khogyani Tribe

Risk Level: HIGH, likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests and allies

Intelligence Value: HIGH

Rank/Position: Taliban Intelligence Official

Education: Warah School and Zia al-Madras Madrassa

Incarcerated: January 11, 2002

Released: May 31, 2014


Had direct access to Taliban and Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin (HIG) leadership


Was central in forming alliances with other Islamic fundamentalist groups, on behalf of the Taliban, to fight Coalition forces after the attacks on 9-11-01.

  • Supported al-Qaeda
  • Assisted Taliban personnel in eluding capture.
  • Arranged for al-Qaeda to train Taliban intelligence staff.
  • Mass killings
  • Torture
  • Gave 9/11 planners intelligence training
  • War Crimes – deaths of thousands of Shiite Muslims in Afghanistan


Abdul Haq Wasiq started his religious training under his father. When his father died in 1981, he went to Warah School near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. At age 18, he went to the Zia al-Madras Madrassa to finish his religious training. Upon completion, he stayed at the mosque for an additional year in order to learn the Koran. After this year of study, he returned to Ghazni and lead prayers in a mosque near the town of Geru.

When the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan, Abdul went to Kabul and met the Taliban Minister of Intelligence. He worked for the Minister for 8 months. When the Deputy fell ill, Abdul was his replacement. Abdul directed investigations involving espionage, bribery, internal affairs, and anti-corruption.

Abdul was captured on November 24, 2001. He met with US personnel and was supposed to bring The Taliban Minister of Intelligence with him. He did not bring the minister but offered to help locate him. Abdul, and his assistant, were arrested based on their position within the Taliban and support to Anti-Coalition Militia members.

Abdul was detained at Guantanamo Bay prison. He was kept in detention in order to glean intelligence regarding Taliban Supreme Commander Mullah Muhammad Omar and Intelligence Minister Qari Ahmadullah. There were also accusations from another detainee that Abdul had placed al-Qaida members in Taliban leadership. More intelligence regarding this was needed. The US also hoped to glean information regarding the escape routes and safe houses that the Taliban fighters used. Abdul has an incredible amount of information regarding Taliban operations, activities, hierarchy, leadership, and more. The US was hoping to get all this from him.

On May 31, 2014, Abdul, along with four other Taliban detainees, was traded for an American POW, Bow Bergdahl. The Emir of Qatar has been credited for his efforts to secure this deal between the US and the Taliban. Abdul, along with the other four, will be under Qatari control for at least one year, forbidden to leave the country.

Source by L. Murray