A Register Booster Can Fix Rooms That Are Too Hot or Too Cold

A register booster may be just what you need to be comfortable in your house!

Just about every home, especially those with multi-levels, has a room that never seems to be the right temperature. It’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter and goes unoccupied most of the year because of it.

These uncomfortable rooms are usually in one of two locations: farthest away from the furnace or air conditioner or on an upper level of the house.

The flow of air coming out of the ducts can be weak because the room is at the end of the duct run and air is diverted to other rooms along the way. In addition, by the time the air reaches the vent to the room, it has drifted through the extreme temperatures surrounding the ducts in the attic and is no longer cool from the air conditioner or warm from the furnace.

Some people try to solve the temperature problem by purchasing a space heater, fan or window air conditioner. All three, especially space heaters and window air conditioners place a heavy draw on electricity. When the utility bill arrives, homeowners can see a significant spike in usage and therefore, a much larger bill.

Safety is also an issue. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, space heaters, accounted for one-third (32 percent) of home heating fires and four out of five (82 percent) of home heating fire deaths between 2004 and 2008. Not just fire hazards, they, along with fans, can be trip hazards for children and the elderly.

To make every room comfortable and livable, you can quickly, easily and safely install a register booster.

A register booster simply replaces the original register cover and fits into the existing vent. Register boosters come in a variety of models that will fit register vents in the floor, low or high on the wall or on the ceiling.

Plug it into a standard room outlet and the register booster will work automatically triggered by a built-in temperature sensor you set to your own comfort level. It draws air out of the duct and into the room, improving air circulation and the temperature of the room by as much as 3 to 5 degrees.

You don’t have to spend another summer or winter in an uncomfortable room and you don’t have to spend a fortune to solve the problem. Take advantage of a register booster for your home.

Source by Bernie Pierce