5 Internal And External Threats To America’s Existence

Have you awakened, in the morning, somewhat concerned about what appears to be happening, around the world? Is the combination of rhetoric, by our leader, as well as others around the globe, combined with the huge spike, in hate crimes, and polarization, at the very least, a potential threat, to all of us? Although, many Americans, seem to be focused, largely on what’s going on, internally, there seems to be, internationally, many with similar concerns. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 internal and external threats, we are presently witnessing, to America’s existence, or way – of – life, as we have always known it, in recent memory.

1. Threat of terrorism, abroad: The amount of terrorist attacks, we witness, on television, on what seems to be, a regular basis, has had the effect of strengthening, the more right – wing, political groups, and leaders, because it has stoked the fears, of those living, in, or near, those nations. In the more – free, nations, such as France, United Kingdom (especially, England), etc, the number of terrorist acts, and apparent, hate crimes, have spiked, considerably! The conflict in the Middle East, has gotten more severe, as we witness, an increase, in missile attacks, and other retaliatory measures, in – return. As many in Israel, are saying, We are under attack, from Hamas, in the North, the Orthodox, from within, and the International Press, nearly everywhere! Is there a cause – and – effect, occurring, because of the increase in rhetoric and vitriol, or, has this become, the, new – normal?

2. Threat of terrorism, within the nation: The combination of, actual terrorist attacks, combined with many of our perceptions, has created, an increase awareness, and concern, about, whether any nation, will continue to be able to exist, based on America’s ideals, and Constitutional guarantees, of freedom, liberty, and justice, for all! Although, President Donald Trump, has, seemingly, embraced these obstacles, and articulated a message, which appears to appeal to the dark – side, of many, most experts proclaim, his, often – embraced, Southern Wall, will not make us safer, nor effectively, maintain these freedoms. In our lifetimes, we have not witnessed, the high level of polarization, articulated by our President, and many of us, strongly feel, this has had the impact of enabling, those with the most extreme positions! Whether we feel threatened, by, international sources, radical extremists, White Supremacists, Neo – Nazis, etc, unless, we, sooner, rather than later, address these, the very core, of what, it means, to be an American, may be, under siege!

3. Attack on Constitutional rights, etc: What does the American Way, mean, and represent, unless/ until, we consistently, protect, all of our Constitutional rights, guarantees, freedoms, and liberties, for – all? The Constitution does not say, these are, for some, but not, for all, or, we should emphasize, the so – called, haves, over the have – nots! Whether we agree, with someone’s positions, religions, etc, or not, they must still, be entitled to express them, unless they directly threaten others.

4. Appeal/ enable bigots, racists, etc: When the President, uses immigrants, especially those, from certain ethnicities, or nationalities, the effect, is, the bigots, racists, and haters, feel enabled, and their behavior, seems to become more widespread, and thus dangerous, to our way of life!

5. Widening income gap, as a result of the 2017 tax law, and other regulations/ de – regulations: Economic statistics indicate there is an ever – widening, income gap, between the wealthiest Americans, and most of us! While we were promised, the equivalent, of, Trickle Down Economics, and a far better, quality of life, for most, we have witnessed, the tax law, primarily helped, and served, the wealthiest corporations, instead of the average citizen. What happened to the concept of, liberty and justice, for all?

We live in challenging, troubling times! Either, we will learn from history, and become better, and far more disciplined, or, our nation, will, suffer, in the longer – term! Stand – up, for these liberties, now, or there will be no one, to support you, if you need them, in the future!

Source by Richard Brody