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Founders of the Trinidad and Tobago Paw Rescue Group, Celia Ramoutar and Janelle Ramsaroop, are pleading for the safe return of their beloved dog, Benji who went missing in 2019. The mother-daughter group has since increased their reward for his return to $3000.

Benji who is of mixed breed was last seen at his home in Northern El Dorado in December 2019. Since his disappearance, his family has been searching daily for a sign of his return. After months of using posters on social media and in nearby areas, Ramsaroop said that they are still awaiting Benji’s homecoming.

Ramsaroop told the Express on Wednesday that Benji was considered a child in the family. His value, she said could not be quantified by money.

“I want him to be returned. He is like a child to us, a member of our family. We want him to come home. No one will value him the way we do. We are desperate to find him. We thought with the stay at home, we knew the streets might be quieter. If we increase the reward since so many people are struggling it might be an incentive.”

“To me Benji is a member of our family. You can’t put a price tag on him. Think about if your husband was missing or a loved one was missing. We consider him a family member, how much would you pay for your family member to come home? He’s not just a dog to us,” she said.

He was taken into Ramsaroop’s care after he was found, sleeping next to his brother in a large drain near the family’s home. Since then, Ramsaroop said that he has taught them many lessons about unconditional love.

“In 2015 we found him and his brother. Someone abandoned them and we took them in. We were not really dog people before until they came into our lives. When we started taking care of them, they taught us so much about unconditional love and family.” she said.

Ramsaroop said that following efforts in January to ensure Benji’s return, the family has received many harassing calls from people trying to get a response. However, they continue to hold out hope that he will come home.

“I got a lot of harassing calls from people, some asking for more money and others making threats. But there are some people who have come forward and sent photos of dogs that look like him or shared their own stories with me. It keeps me holding on to the hope that there are good people out there and that he may return,” she said.

She asked that anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact the family as life without him has not been the same.

“If anybody does have him and feels as though they don’t want to return him just want to let them know that he means more than anything to us and we want him back. If you know Benji he is extremely special, he is so loving and caring and I know there are other people like me who will think that is invaluable and may not want to return that for a reward. Just in case there is the small chance that somebody out there has him, I want them to know how much he means to us. I would also just like to know that he is alive,” she said..

Those with information about his whereabouts can contact Ramsaroop at 758-2333 or email ttpawrescues@gmail.com.

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