28-Year-Old Who Admits To Drinking Up To Two Liters Of Vodka A Day Receives The Results Of A Drug Test [Video]

Cassie admits that she has been doing drugs since high school. She says she started as a way to fit in and then continued using as a way to reward herself for earning accolades. Now, she claims she isn’t using drugs but does drink up to two liters of alcohol a day.

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Cassie’s ex-boyfriend, Jace, who admits to using drugs with Cassie after they graduated high school, shares what he’s seen in Cassie’s behavior recently. And, hear what he claims about Cassie’s father’s behavior when they were teens. Is Cassie using drugs now? Find out what the results of her drug test reveal.

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Is Cassie ready to get sober? See what happens when she’s offered the opportunity to receive treatment on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Check here to see where you can tune in.

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