2006 Trends in Landfill Solutions

In 2005 we noticed that even with our nations push to recycle more, our landfills and dumps kept filling up and over filling across the nation. In many regions in the United States getting permits for new dumps was very difficult due to the NIMBY; Not In My Back Yard; affect as residence stormed city council and country commissioner’s meetings in protests. But that does not solve the problem of our overfilling dumps.

Recycling at our current rate is a noble effort and one we should all be proud of as we separate out our own person trash and assist in the process. Yet it is far from enough.

We have a crisis on our hands as we see mountains of old tires, old hazardous dumps with plastic liners which are decomposing due to oils and acids and melting holes in the bottom. This is causing leaching, often into underground aquifers and ground water which maybe picked up in wells for homes and farming.

We have stacked up automobiles and rusty equipment leaching iron oxides, asbestos from brakes and other heavy metals and petroleum distillates into our waterways. All this coming from normal run off from streams, creeks and ditches into rivers, lakes and even the ocean.

In 2006 we will see entrepreneurs find easier ways to convert old material profitably into new material using innovative recycling techniques. We will see a continuous push from a public relations standpoint to get all Americans to take recycling seriously.

We will see NASA explain the seriousness of recycling everything in Space for Lunar Colonies and long-term space flight; this will usher in a new generation who take it much more seriously than the rest both here on Earth and beyond. Expect this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow