05th May, 2020 THE PRIME MINISTER IS PROTECTED! Bishop De Van Narine The Lor…

05th May, 2020

Bishop De Van Narine

The Lord spoke to me at 4:00AM this morning and showed me dark forces arrayed in opposition against the Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

It is a wicked and DEMONIC opposition. Its wants to oppose my servants so that it can spread across the land to bring death and destruction and to destabilize the country. To bring poverty, crime, misery and corruption.

God showed me that the devil is using these opposition forces with blood sacrifices to kill and destroy God's people. I saw babies being killed and their blood was cast into major rivers to conjure diabolical demons from the deep.

I see rituals being performed against the Prime Minister and curses being chanted on his head.

Thus saith the Lord "I have anointed and appointed Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley as your leader. He has been chosen to lead you in this crisis which has never occurred on this scale in the world before. He was formed in my hand and I have raised him up for such a time as this, to save my people."

"The heart of the Prime Minister is in my hand, Saith the Lord. He has hearkened to my promptings and saved the nation from this dark death. This dark stench wants to spread like a mist to stifle and strangle you."

"The devil is seeking souls in these last days. Be vigilant my people. Be vigilant. The enemy is in fierce opposition against you."

I call upon all prayer warriors and intercessors to immediately go into a period of prayer and fasting. God will preserve us and our families, if we prayer.

Bishop De Van Narine
Founder & Overseer
Prophetic and Apostolic Ministries International (PAMI)